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The Future History of the British Isles

May 10, 2019

7/7. After comparing their limited options, it was generally agreed Nottinghamshirekind would embrace sinking further into the centre of the planet. When not fighting off cannibals, there was something beautiful in seeing the sky framed by the walls of a great cave. Or was the sky the frame? Written by Hugh Dichmont

May 2, 2019

6/7. After the Black Rains, the insects were first to die. Then the fish. Soon the soil grew harsh, cold. An elder on his deathbed remembered how mixing pulverised chalk with soil can counteract acid. But he did not know how to complete the process. There was a stay of execution for six months, when turnips would...

Apr 25, 2019

5/7. The automated security turrets, forged in cement and steel by his majesty’s government to keep Nottinghamshire’s people in, now inadvertently kept the desperate hordes out, as civil war broke throughout the rest of the England- the cracks of gunfire like distant fireworks as Ilkeston burned itself to the...

Apr 19, 2019

4/7. By December, during the hottest winter on record, the jagged circle was complete, with Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, Yorkshire and Derbyshire cut adrift of their neighbour. However, rather than bowing to cabin fever, the people of Nottinghamshire found strength in separation. Written by Hugh Dichmont

Apr 11, 2019

3/7. After the government’s failed to deliver humanitarian aide to the affected areas, the various Mayors of Nottinghamshire took power into their own hands, and, acting under the instruction of their people, closed all diplomatic channels with London. Written by Hugh Dichmont