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The Future History of the British Isles

Apr 19, 2019

4/7. By December, during the hottest winter on record, the jagged circle was complete, with Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, Yorkshire and Derbyshire cut adrift of their neighbour. However, rather than bowing to cabin fever, the people of Nottinghamshire found strength in separation. Written by Hugh Dichmont

Apr 11, 2019

3/8. After the government’s failed to deliver humanitarian aide to the affected areas, the various Mayors of Nottinghamshire took power into their own hands, and, acting under the instruction of their people, closed all diplomatic channels with London. Written by Hugh Dichmont

Apr 5, 2019

2/8. Once government intelligence was able to link green protestors with anti-west terror cells based in Scotland, all credible opposition to hydraulic fracturing, hydrofracturing, hydrofracking, fracking, was defeated, leaving the entire rural perimeter of Nottinghamshire primed for development. Written by Hugh Dichmont

Apr 5, 2019

1/8. After the Prime Minister’s death on the 15th of May, ethnic tensions grew in England. Their landslide re-election, coming only days before, had stoked protest among Nottinghamshire dissidents, who used the legacy of Yorkshire’s devolution to once more demand the status of a republic. Written by Hugh...

Apr 4, 2019

Britain in the near future: Nottinghamshire has voted to leave England. London has declared war on Yorkshire. And Sarah... Sarah is breaking up with Graham, because Graham is a wet sock, an unnecessary sequel. A dingleberry.

The end is nigh, so dig a hole.

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